At Dunes Law Firm, assisting clients with the administration of an estate or trust after the death of a family member or friend is often one of the most challenging and rewarding areas of our practice. With over 20 years’ experience, we understand the emotional difficulties faced by clients when a loved one has passed away, as well as the practical hurdles of tying up the loose ends of a life well lived.

Over the years, we have helped clients with probate and trust administrations in Horry, Georgetown and Marion counties. In addition, we have extensive experience with ancillary administrations for individuals who passed away in another state and owned real estate in South Carolina.

So if you need guidance working through an estate or trust for someone who lived their entire life in Horry County or that lived outside the state but owned a beach house along the Grand Strand, we would welcome and appreciate the opportunity to work (and walk) with you.